Espresso Catering

As a family, we have enjoyed espresso and custom vintage espresso machines for years. There’s just something about extracting a silky smooth espresso in all its caramelized glory, or frothing up a latte with a heart of delectable crema to share with a fellow coffee lover. But we want to do more than just brew up a list of items on a menu. We want to brew up energy and a good time with our unique house blend of espresso beans. Our customized blend produces a flavor that’s not too dark and stark, nor is it light and lame. Instead, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a miniature cup. It’s nutty and smooth with a crisp finish — can you say Café Cubano? 

Our classic model espresso machine adds warmth and nostalgia to any event.”

While having the perfect roast is crucial, we believe our classic model espresso machine adds warmth and nostalgia to any event. Let’s face it, anyone can push a button and serve up a cup of java, but on our vintage machine we have to craft your brew… and we truly do, just that!

What else can we say? We love old school machines and fresh roasted beans…with style! Now imagine that at your next special event or gathering.

Oh, and while you may have noticed that we’re serious about our coffee, we aren’t coffee snobs! So feel free to contact us for a chat, and some coffee of course!